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Share Certificates

Usually, you don’t exactly think of an investment as a rock solid guarantee. But then again, that’s one of the remarkable things about an Innovations’ Share Certificate. It’s secure, it’s reliable, and it’s absolutely guaranteed to grow.

Our Share Certificates of Deposits (also known as CDs) usually have even higher yields than a regular savings account. It takes a little more money to get started ($1,000 minimum deposit), but your earnings are boosted thanks to that terrific rate.

Our CDs are a great option for savers who know they won’t need to spend their nest egg for a certain amount of time. For example: You have a vacation fund ready to go, but you know you won’t be Tahiti-bound for at least seven months. So why not put the cash into a six-month CD? The money grows while you wait, and you won’t be tempted to spend it.

It’s even a smart way to save for retirement, especially in an unsteady market. You know exactly how much money your Innovations’ CD will earn, so you can plan ahead without worrying about the rollercoaster of investing in the stock market.

Our Share Certificates of Deposit offer:

  • A guaranteed return
  • Terms from 91 days to 36 months
  • Higher yields than typical savings accounts
  • Dividends that are compounded and credited monthly
  • To protect our members’ deposits, we provide the highest combination of federal and private share savings deposit insurance available: $500,000, which includes savings accounts, checking accounts, money market accounts and certificates of deposit.

Ready to start saving?

For more information on Innovations’ Share Certificates of Deposit, stop by one of our convenient branch locations, or give us a call at 850.233.4400, or 800.291.6272.

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