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Conversion from a Federal to a State-Chartered Credit Union

On September 1, 2022, Innovations converted our charter from a Federal to a State-chartered credit union. Included in this conversion is a slight name change from Innovations Federal Credit Union to Innovations Financial Credit Union. It’s small, but meaningful in terms of expanding our membership base to serve surrounding communities, including our neighbors in Holmes, Washington, Jackson, Calhoun, Gulf and Walton counties.

Below are frequently asked questions that we’d like to share with you about this important conversion:

  • Yes, members’ accounts will continue to be insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund.

  • Changing from a Federal to a State Charter will allow Innovations to expand into other counties in Northwest Florida.

  • Yes, the Board of Directors of Innovations FCU has considered the advantages and disadvantages and unanimously approved the charter conversion. The Board of Directors believes it to be in the members’ best interest and will allow for future credit union growth opportunities.

  • No, the Innovations Team Members and Board of Directors will remain the same.

  • No, all of your accounts and the account numbers associated with them will remain the same.

  • No, please continue using your current cards. Before your cards expire, you will receive replacement cards with the new Innovations logo on them.

  • No, you may continue to use the checks you currently have. When you reorder checks, the new Innovations logo will be on them.

  • No, all the features of our Online Banking and Mobile Banking will remain the same.

  • No, it will remain the same (263281556).

  • No, the Innovations website ( and phone number (850.233.4400) will remain the same.

  • Yes, our mailing address and email addresses will remain the same.
For additional questions or concerns, please contact us at 850.233.4400.
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