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GreenPath Financial Wellness®

Concerned about your debt? Innovations is here for you. Maybe you’re overextended. Maybe you have too much month left at the end of your money. Perhaps you have to rotate which bills get paid this time around. Whatever the issue, GreenPath may have the answer.

GreenPath Financial Wellness® assists consumers with customized services and attainable solutions to achieve their goals. They offer the tools to knock your debt into bite-sized pieces, including free financial counseling, debt management planning, credit report review, options to avoid foreclosure and other housing issues. You’ll also find online educational resources and free budgeting software. They can also help you set up a payment plan with your creditors to potentially eliminate collection calls, reduce interest and eliminate fees. Reduced interest and fees enable you to pay the entire principal balance more quickly while saving thousands of dollars in interest.

To get started, you can download these brochures:

Take control of your finances today. Call us at 850.233.4400, or GreenPath at 877.337.3399.

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