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Fee Schedule

These fees are accurate as of July 23, 2021.

Checking Share Draft Costs
Manual Posting to Cover NSF or ACH (each) $5.00
Stop Payments (or per sequence) (each) $20.00
Draft/Receipt Copies (per copy) $2.50
Returned Member Draft $30.00
Overdraft Transfers (each) $3.00
Courtesy Pay Fees (each) $30.00
Courtesy Pay Collection Fee $25.00
Savings Share Cost
After three (3) Cash Withdrawals per month (each) $3.00
Exceeding transaction limits on Money Market Account (each) $3.00
Safe Deposit Rentals (Annual Fee)
3″X5″ $20.00
3″X10″ $35.00
5″X5″ $30.00
10″X10″ $90.00
5″X10″ $50.00
Safe Deposit box lost key/drilling Actual Cost
Debit Card
ATM out-of-state (each) $1.00
Transaction Fee on Non-Proprietary ATMs (after 15 each month)
NOTE: ATM transaction fees after 15 per month appear only on the member statement.
NSF (each) $30.00
Replace Lost or Damaged Card $5.00
VISA® International Service Assessment 1% of Transaction Total
Outgoing Transfer or Rollover Fee (each) $25.00
Dormant Share Account** (monthly) $7.00
Temporary Checks (12) Free
Bank Wires (each) $15.00
International Bank Wires $35.00
Garnishments or Levies (each) $50.00
Statement Copies (per statement) $2.00
VISA® Gift Cards (each) $3.50
Foreign Check Collection Fees (each) $10.00
Returned Two-Party Checks & Refer-to-Maker Checks (each) $5.00
ACH Returns (NSF) (each) $30.00
Official Checks* (3 free per month) (each) $3.00
Research/Reconcile Account (per hour) $25.00
Undeliverable Address (per returned item) $5.00
Rush Order Delivery (each) Actual Cost
Online Payment System (Credit Card) $15.00
Online Payment System (ACH) $5.00
* Prime Time Club Discounts
Safe Deposit Boxes (yearly) 25% Discount
Official Checks (5 per month) Free

A dormant account is a share draft or share account with less than $100, no other services and no activity for one year.

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