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ID Theft & Fraud Prevention

Protect yourself with Innovations’ Online Banking.

As a valued member of Innovations, we’re dedicated to making your financial life easier and safer. A couple of ways we achieve this is with Online Banking and Bill Pay. When you use these convenient services, they help protect you from identity theft and fraud in a number of ways.

Our Alert feature is also a great tool for ID Theft & Fraud Protection. Alerts can be sent to your email or mobile phone to notify you when:

  • A message is sent to your Online Banking inbox
  • Your balance is above or below a designated dollar amount
  • Any transaction is above a designated amount
  • Changes are made to your contact information
  • Changes are made to your login credentials
  • Balance summaries are available. These can be sent daily, weekly, monthly, or annually

Innovations’ Mobile Banking App also has a feature called Card Controls that allows you to instantly turn your Innovations’ debit and/or credit cards on or off in the event that your cards are stolen, lost, or otherwise compromised.

Plus, when you open an Ignite Rewards Checking Account, you can sign up at no charge for ID Protect® coverage to provide continuous identity and credit monitoring, as well as other credit, fraud and recovery resources.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Innovations at 850.249.0497, or email us at

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