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Other Loans

Financing for anything else you need.

Sometimes you need a little extra money for personal things, like a vacation, small home improvement projects, or to purchase a high-end item without using your credit card. We have three different options to get you the money you need:

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Personal Loans

With a Personal Loan, you receive the total amount of your loan in one lump sum, so it’s perfect for one-time purchases. And your monthly payment stays the same for the life of the loan.

Personal Lines of Credit

Personal Lines of Credit allow you to apply for a total sum, but you only pay interest on the amount you actually draw. That means you can start to pay off the loan before you need to tap into it again. This is great for projects that are done in stages. The rate and your monthly payment will fluctuate depending on the amount you have borrowed.

Share/Certificate Secured Loans

This type of loan lets you borrow as much money as you have available in your Innovations Share or Certificate Account, for a great low rate.

Our Financial Service Representatives can help you decide which loan or line is best for you. Or if you’re ready now, you can apply online, stop by one of our convenient branches, or give us a call at 850.233.4400, toll-free at 800.291.6272, or 877.536.2933.

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