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Style Guide

This is a H1 tag

This is a H2 tag

This is a H3 tag

This is a H4 tag

This is a H5 tag

Standard paragraph tag. Quisque vitae accumsan quam. Vivamus at augue vehicula, sollicitudin magna eu, accumsan lacus. Etiam eu elit a neque congue rhoncus vel et nunc. Aenean sit amet arcu quis mauris faucibus placerat quis eget ex. Aenean mollis urna sit amet imperdiet mattis. Sed quis rhoncus neque. Morbi magna felis, pretium vel felis ac, pulvinar semper est.

How a strong looks

but-blue class for link but-green class for link but-purple class for link

Paragraph with list-head class applied. Nullam tristique nunc vel commodo imperdiet. Vestibulum efficitur semper purus eget porttitor. Mauris rhoncus cursus orci eu consectetur. Vivamus hendrerit vel orci id imperdiet. Nullam risus nulla, commodo non finibus vel, accumsan quis nibh.

  • List item one
  • List item two
  • List item three
  • List item four, with a nest list inside
    • Nested list item one
    • Nested list item two

This is a green highlight block.

  • Tab One
  • Tab Two

Tab One

Tab one content.

Tab Two

Tab two content.

1. Accordion One

Accordion One content goes here.

2. Accordion Two

Accordion Two content goes here.

Additional Block Content: Anything you want in OUTSIDE the main content area (but above Disclosures) should go here. Leave empty to leave this block off. Don’t use anything higher than an h2 tag for headers.

Notes area for after the green callout box. This is a link hover in the notes. Set in the CMS.


This is how a disclosure statement will look.

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